About Us
GC Motors is a family run company, established in 1968 when it moved into its present address in Swanley. We always enjoyed the Mini and had a Mini Centre in Green Street Green, near Orpington, Kent, way back in the 70’s, but due to redevelopment by a large supermarket chain, we had to look again at our business. We decided to use the Swanley showroom as our Mini Centre, were we continued to buy and sell Minis although they were never in the same league as the ones that were to follow throughout the 90’s and early 21st century.

In 1990 Rover re introduced the 1300 Cooper and things really began to move in the Mini world. People started to show a lot of interest in the car once more, they customised, modified and personalised their Minis and a whole new generation of people came back to enjoy this icon of British Motoring. The Mini is not just enjoyed in Britain but across the whole world, we have customers who have come from Australia, USA, Hong Kong and Mexico, to mention just a few of the countries that love the car.

Our Stock: We carry the largest stock in the country, around 130 at any one time, mostly from 1990-2001 but we do get lots of older ones. Some of the older stock, are ready to go, some need restoration, among these are early vans, pickups, MKI and MKII’s, but we also have some wonderfully rare model Minis including Wood and Pickets, early Coopers and even the odd ERA. See our stock list on our website.

Our adverts: Can be found in both the Mini World and Mini Magazine of which we have been a continuous advertiser since their early issues. We consider these a must for the Mini enthusiast, giving great tips and general information for fans of the Mini.

Repairs: We can carry out most work on your Mini, although we prefer not to modify or tune the engines as we leave this to the specialists who develop and run their own workshops. We are more than willing to carry out servicing, general repairs, MOT work/repairs along with bodywork and resprays. Welding i.e inner and outer sills, wings, Apanels and door skins are all carried out to our very high standards.

Contact Details

G C Motors Centre For Minis

15/19 Station Rd,

Tel: 01322 665141

Mobile: 07850 224343

Email: gcmotors@btconnect.com